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Chemistry Department Celebrates 2016 Graduates & Award Recipients>

Chemistry Department Celebrates 2016 Graduates & Award Recipients

On Friday, May 13, the Chemistry Department celebrated the momentous achievements of our graduates at the undergraduate, master’s and Ph.D. levels. Over 100 family, friends and faculty came together in the rain to joyfully congratulate those who completed the chemistry program.

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New cancer fighters emerge from labNew cancer fighters emerge from lab
May 23
The lab of Rice University synthetic organic chemist K.C. Nicolaou has reported the streamlined total synthesis of delta12-prostaglandin J3, a molecule previously claimed to kill leukemic cancer cells. 


Rice de-icer gains anti-icing propertiesRice de-icer gains anti-icing properties
May 23
Rice University scientists have advanced their graphene-based de-icer to serve a dual purpose. The new material still melts ice from wings and wires when conditions get too cold. But if the air is above 7 degrees Fahrenheit, ice won’t form at all. 


Nanotubes are beacons in cancer-imaging techniqueNanotubes are beacons in cancer-imaging technique
May 20
Bathing a patient in LED light may someday offer a new way to locate tumors, according to Rice University researchers. 


Cancer cells coordinate to form roving clustersCancer cells coordinate to form roving clusters
May 19
Two-way communication between cancer cells appears to be key to their becoming motile, clustering and spreading through metastasis, according to Rice University scientists.