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Congratulations on 50 Years in Rice Chemistry, Professor Philip R. Brooks!>

Congratulations on 50 Years in Rice Chemistry, Professor Philip R. Brooks!

Former students, colleagues and friends gathered at Rice Sept. 26 to celebrate Professor Philip Brooks (bottom, right) and his 50 years in the Department of Chemistry. 

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Graphene&nanotube hybrid benefits flexible solar cellsGraphene&nanotube hybrid benefits flexible solar cells
November 17
Rice University scientists have invented a novel cathode that may make cheap, flexible dye-sensitized solar cells practical. 


Supercharged panels may power carsSupercharged panels may power cars
November 7
Rice University scientist Matteo Pasquali and his team contributed to two new papers that suggest the nano-infused body of a car may someday power the car itself. 


Rice chemists gain edge in next-gen energyRice chemists gain edge in next-gen energy
November 3
The Rice lab of chemist James Tour has turned molybdenum disulfide’s two-dimensional form into a nanoporous film that can catalyze the production of hydrogen or be used for energy storage. 


‘Sticky’ ends start synthetic collagen growth‘Sticky’ ends start synthetic collagen growth
October 27
The Rice lab of Jeffrey Hartgerink has been studying synthetic collagen for a decade, teasing out the details of how it starts as three distinct peptides that twist into characteristic triple helices.His lab has now delivered a scientific one-two punch with a pair of papers that detail how synthetic collagen fibers self-assemble via their sticky ends.


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